frequently asked questions

Does ACP understand the recent Aged Care reforms?
We are educated on all the updates. Contact us to discuss this further.

Can ACP handle the financial side of placement?
We negotiate with the aged care facilities on your behalf to achieve the right outcome for you and your circumstances. Although we cannot give financial advice as we are not qualified financial planners, through our enhanced network we can refer you to other professionals for financial advice for estate and retirement planning, asset management and sale and other related matters.

Will ACP place couples?
We can and have placed many couples. Contact us to discuss individual and joint needs and aspirations.

Is my loved one allowed to bring in a pet to care?
ACP understands how meaningful a relationship with pets can be. Not all facilities allow pets but we can negotiate on your behalf. We also can provide you with information about aged care facilities which have a visiting animal program for residents’ own pets, or where there is a regular visit by animal friends.

We want Mum closer to us, can ACP organise this?
We listen to the needs of both the individual and the family when it comes to aged care placement, considering proximity and travel times, access by public transport and distance from friends and family. We provide options and suggestions attuned to care needs as well as the health and happiness of the whole person. We strive to meet a wide variety of requirements when we make our recommendations to you.

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I want the best for Dad. Can we choose the type of room for him?
There is usually a broad range of room types available in each facility. You will have every opportunity to consider the room best suited to your family member’s needs. When we meet with you, we explore this and other key issues, and we will provide options that help you select what is right for you.

My mother has been approved for Respite; can she go into permanent care when we find a place?
At ACP we have the knowledge and experience, as well as the relationships with aged care facilities, to fully understand all types and levels of care. We develop a plan that will enable you and your loved one to have confidence about placement in respite care as one of the initial steps. And we will continue to work with you for a permanent residential placement when the time comes.

Dad's not ready to go into Aged Care yet. Can you help us get things ready now for the future?
At ACP we specialise in forward planning, including Long Term Care Placement, for the time when aged care placement is needed. And we can call on a network of professional advisors who can work with you to ensure a smooth transition to aged care, reducing the pressures on individuals and their families.