Standard Aged Care Placement

We are specialists who do the work for you to find the ideal residential aged care placement for:

Permanent Residential Care
An Aged Care facility provides 24/7 care for those who are no longer able to stay at home because of their increasing health needs. There are different levels of care including Dementia Specific, with some people having lower care needs and others needing greater or higher care needs. There are a number of other reasons for entering care and they can include loneliness and isolation, or feeling the need for a more secure environment.

Our comprehensive service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Locating and visiting appropriate Aged Care facilities, and provide a summary of shortlisted places which we believe will suit your particular needs.
  • Accompanying you on site visits.
  • Completing and lodging facility paperwork.
  • Negotiating on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcomes.
  • Arranging for assistance and expert advice for you for a host of related matters. And we will follow up with you to ensure that the placement meets your needs and expectations.

Every facility is different, just as every person is different and has different needs. That is why we are here to help you find a place that matches you as an individual, not simply your care needs.

Dementia Specific Care
Often referred to as Sensitive Care or Memory Support units, these are for residents who exhibit behaviours that require additional support – not necessarily for everyone who has a diagnosis of some form of Dementia e.g. Alzheimer’s Disease. We understand how overwhelming and sometimes confronting this can be, and we look for facilities that recognise and can cater for the specific care needs of a resident.

Relocation to another facility
The need to relocate occurs from time to time. It may be that a facility is no longer able to meet an increase in your care or social needs. Perhaps a family move means that you should relocate as well. Or for other reasons, you may no longer want to reside in a particular facility. We work with you to find a place that closely matches your new preferences.

Respite Care
Respite Care is a temporary placement option for you, providing opportunities for your existing carer or family members to have a holiday or an extended break, safe in the knowledge that your needs are being met. Respite can also bridge the gap between hospital and home (sometimes referred to as convalescence), and can sometimes be the transition period into permanent care.

Sandy and Ian talk about the support and direction they received from Joy to be essential, providing a clear direction with a great outcome for Ian's Mum.

Long Term Care Placement

ACP offers a Long Term Care Placement service to give you the freedom to plan ahead and to put everything in place prior to entry into care. This pre-planning service includes all aspects of our Standard Aged Care Placement. You have the opportunity to make decisions in a calm and productive environment, free from the pressures and stresses that can occur when looking for immediate placement.

Service Enhancements

We know that placement is just one aspect of a complex set of circumstances. Our service enhancements also provide access to a network of trusted professionals to assist with a range of related issues that go beyond the placement such as legal advice, financial planning, real estate services, house preparation, and relocation expertise.